Proef and Ubiwhere partners in a fleet management project

19 January 2022
We increasingly seek to walk the path of sustainability in cities, and it was in this sense, we worked with Ubiwhere on the Thumbeo Corporate project. 

Thumbeo Corporate is a solution that enables the digitalization of a company's fleet. This cloud-based solution allows fleet managers to collect vehicle data (consumption, travel costs, and maintenance). Simultaneously, the mobile application enables company employees to search/book trips, report vehicle problems, expenses, and associated costs. 

The car-sharing marketplace is the next step to develop to meet an increasingly difficult challenge for companies to overcome: having a large fleet that often goes unused, especially in periods of lower productivity. 

Proef has been testing this Ubiwhere's solution in Trofa, and the next step will be to share part of our fleet with our partners. This way, we are contributing to more sustainable mobility and reduction of the ecological footprint on our planet. 

To learn more about the project, visit:

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