Photovoltaic Solar Panels - Business Self-consumption

13 April 2022

UPAC, a production unit for self-consumption, is the name given to photovoltaic systems that capture solar energy and convert it into electrical energy for their consumption. In addition to the solar panels, the system includes other equipment such as the inverter, which converts direct current into alternating current, electrical panel, protections, metering systems, among others.

How does a Photovoltaic Solar Panel work?

Solar panels capture sunlight during the day, generating electricity. When there are no storage systems and to reduce the electricity bill, energy consumption must occur during the hours of the capture of sunlight.

Photovoltaic panels do not require high solar radiation to work however the energy generated depends on the density of clouds that can block solar rays and, consequently, reduce production. Once the solar energy is captured, it passes through the inverter and is converted into electrical energy that can be used to power any electrical device.

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Advantages of Photovoltaic Solar Panels

1. Electricity bill reduction
By generating energy for your consumption, it means that your company will buy less power from the electricity grid.

2. Investment in the company's sustainability
Solar panels are a renewable energy source and do not emit pollutants during operation.

3. Return on investment
The payback time for a photovoltaic system is up to 4/5 years.

4. Lifespan of solar panels
The average lifespan of solar panels is 25 years.

Installation of Photovoltaic Solar Panels

The size of the photovoltaic system varies according to the needs and consumption of each building. Each panel requires a space of approximately 2 m2.

As for the place of installation, solar panels must be installed in areas with a high incidence of sunlight. They must be clean and free from shadows that could affect energy production.

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Proef's Project

Proef's intervention in the implementation of photovoltaic systems

Proef and its professional team, with more than 37 years of experience in the market, offer a set of "turnkey" services to install photovoltaic systems.

Responsible for the entire installation process, from the provision of the necessary materials to the implementation and respective maintenance, there are already several projects that make up the Proef portfolio, thus proving the success of the UPAC. We also provide preventive and corrective maintenance services.

Proef's Project

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