Proef reinforces its commitment to training its employees

21 October 2021

The training and development of employees are a constant concern of Proef, and it is the responsibility of Eurico Ferreira Academy to respond to this concern.

Given the labor market demands, the academy provided Logistics and Operations employees with training in operating and driving forklifts, reinforcing the extensive range of training courses that have already been taught and are still planned to take place.

In addition to the practical component where effective forklift handling is one of the primary requirements, the theoretical component addresses relevant topics, thus preparing employees for possible risks and measures to be taken in an emergency.

Some topics covered in the theoretical component:

  • Individual protection and security measures;
  • Different types of forklifts and load capacities/positions;
  • General rules for uses such as seat belt, seat sensor, firefly, pressure sensor, ways of circulation, among others.

The objective of this training, in addition to training more to serve the customer better, is, above all, the prevention of accidents at work, providing employees with best practices.

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