Sustainable Plastics Project

15 December 2022
Proef is involved in the Sustainable Plastics project with the mission of developing and implementing, until 2025, a solution for telecommunication poles built with recyclable materials. The development of this project is led by Resifluxo (in partnership with Vodafone and other organisations), in which we have a crucial role in gathering the requirements necessary for the construction of this eco-sustainable project.

At a later stage, the product will be tested with telecom operators. It will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of telecom operations by replacing the current wooden poles with recyclable ones.

The initiative is based on three pillars: the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, greater efficiency of resources and job creation and is carried out under the Project "SUSTAINABLE PLASTICS" - Mobilizing Agenda for Sustainable Plastics in Portugal by the Consortium "SUSTAINABLE PLASTICS", funded by the PRR - Recovery and Resilience Plan, through the Incentive System "Agendas for Business Innovation".

With this project, we are helping to fight against climate change while simultaneously contributing to the European goal of reducing 55% of emissions by 2030.