The Tension Work course - Very High Voltage at the Eurico Ferreira Academy comes to an end

28 January 2022
The year 2021 ended at the Eurico Ferreira Academy with the Tension Work course – Very High Voltage – Potential Method.

There were 104 hours of training in which the different working methods, principles of electrotechnics, safety, first aid, and practical work in a real context were taught. In addition to the work carried out in the training park, the practical assessment was carried out on the Falagueira Estremoz Line, at 400kV, where our trainees carried out works such as:

  • Replacement of insulator chains in suspension and mooring;
  • Placement and replacement of shock absorbers;
  • Execution of works at mid-span, namely replacement of separators.

This training is essential as it enables our technicians to work with the line under tension, without affecting its transport capacity. With this, we can respond to the extraordinary demands of the energy market and partners such as REN.

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