Fiber solutions for overhead cable networks

We develop fiber solutions for aerial transmission lines covering all project stages (engineering design, cable installation, splicing, testing, installation and commissioning of active equipment). These lines can be used for both power transmission and broadband communications.

ADSS (All Dielectric Self Supporting) Cable

Self-Supporting Dielectric Optical Cable (ADSS) is the best and most economical solution for existing transmission lines. The ADSS is installed independently from the transmission lines and provides an interesting solution regarding the maintenance of transmission lines and fiber optic cables.

OPGW (Optical Ground Wire) cable

It can be used simultaneously for high-voltage power transmission and high-speed data transmission. 
The OPGW cable is designed as an aerial conductor that features two functionalities: a shielded wire to protect against power failures and lightning strikes, and the integrated fiber optic cable that takes on the communication feature.

Advantages of this solution

We highlight three advantages for the use of aerial power transmission lines, within the context of broadband connectivity: 
Faster implementation when compared to underground cable installation.
Protection by the proximity of power conductor cables, which makes access difficult and protects against theft and vandalism.
Reduced installation costs and possibility to generate extra revenue for energy operators.